Our School

At Bentley Heath School we are ‘Building Happiness and Success’

We are a welcoming, friendly and inclusive Church of England school whose children enjoy learning, and this is reflected in our above average attainment.  Parents’ interest and involvement in their child’s education is vital and appreciated, and both parents and children are welcomed into our school community, and valued for their contribution.

We enjoy extensive grounds and a well-resourced school.  Our large, well-established environmental area, outdoor classrooms, quiet garden area and wide range of play equipment provide a wonderful outside learning environment to stimulate creativity.  Inside school we have interactive whiteboards in every classroom as well as a dedicated ICT facility, providing the skills to tackle technology.

We take pride in our school, and on behalf of the children, staff and governors would like to extend a warm invitation to you to visit us, but in the meantime we would like to give you a flavour of what Bentley Heath Church of England School can offer.


We are committed to promoting a partnership between home, school and the wider community. School is the place where children begin to form relationships with other people, and build on this experience to develop a sense of their place in the world.

We encourage our children to participate in a wide range of fund-raising and extra-curricular activities, not only to enhance their learning, but also to give them the breadth of experience needed to grow into well-balanced and confident individuals ready to become valued members of the wider community.

We value and celebrate our unique links with St James’ Church, (‘the Church in the School’), while building upon children’s existing diverse social and cultural experiences.

We appreciate the support of our Parents’ Association who work hard to raise extra funds for the school, as well as organising and running well-attended social events for parents, families and children.

We motivate enquiring minds to learn, and believe that the key skills we teach will encourage our children to become life long learners, and so provide a secure foundation for their future. As a result our children are keen to acquire knowledge, whilst also participating enthusiastically in a wide range of sports, music and other activities. Children’s suggestions and ideas are valued and acted upon, and they are encouraged to make positive and informed choices to enrich their own and their fellow pupils’ learning experiences.

We promote a healthy lifestyle, both through the provision of sporting opportunities and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Our school kitchen provides an excellent daily choice of healthy meals, and children also benefit from a programme of health education, talks and presentations to give them the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices now and in the future.


We firmly believe that children who are happy are children who will want to learn.  School should be a place of enjoyment where emotional wellbeing is paramount, so we work hard to provide a happy and friendly environment where every child works towards maximising their full potential, and every child is encouraged to reach high standards.

We endeavour to ensure that every child’s time at our school will be happy and stimulating, as this is where the foundations of success are laid.  Children who are happy feel safe and secure, and this gives them the confidence to grow into positive and committed members of the community.


We challenge children to find out about their own strengths and talents, and to achieve the highest standards they can in work and behaviour.  In this way they will acquire a set of learning and social skills that will prepare them for the future demands of a changing society, and enable them to live, contribute and work confidently and successfully in that society.

We applaud individual achievements, whether personal or academic.  Success is recognised and encouraged by fellow pupils and staff, but also by parents and governors, who share in our school events and celebrations throughout the year.

We are confident that the caring ethos of our church school provides an environment that fosters and celebrates success.  There are many different ways of experiencing success; every child is unique, and every child has something special to offer.  We hope you and your child will join us and be part of our success.