Computing at Bentley Heath

Computing is an integral part of everyday life in our modern world, and it is essential that our children are as well prepared as they possibly can be to both reap the rewards of successful use of technology, and to be aware of the risks and dangers of the myriad technologies developing in our world so that they may engage with it in the most positive ways.  We want to develop digitally literate, safe users of computers, devices and networks who are discerning in their use of modern technologies. 

We teach and prepare pupils through a wide range of materials, tools and approaches. Broadly these are split into 3 categories: 

Computer Science: 

We study the principles and core tools of computing to understand, reason and problem-solve about modern technologies. 

Information Technology: 

We explore use of computing for finding, handling, managing and presenting information, as well as exploring how to transfer information locally or globally. 

Digital Literacy: 

Digital literacy is the understanding of the concepts, skills and reasoning needed to adapt and use technology to achieve our goals safely, efficiently and effectively. 

Overarching these categories are the elements of safeguarding and E-safety. With the many risks posed with the ever-changing developments within online communication, social media and collaborative technologies, we need to ensure that our pupils keep themselves safe as they use these tools themselves.  

Pupils are encouraged to adhere to a digital code of conduct as part of their learning about their role and responsibility in digital environments, for instance gaming groups, forums or on social media. We encourage parents to review these sites and links to help with digital literacy and E-safety at home.

The following links demonstrate our approach and schemes of work through which we work to develop the digital leaders of the future.